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2 Days Till the Big 26.2 Mile Race!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

My big secret has finally been revealed! I will be running the Providence Marathon on May 2nd.

I started training for this marathon about 2.5 months ago when the registration was released to the public. It was a spontaneous decision which had my tearing up at the exciting possibility of finally running a marathon after 4 years of no luck.

After graduating from college my goal was to run my first ever marathon but I was constantly being struck down by illness and the mental fatigue of having to rebound back into training after being sick.

It was an endless cycle that left me out of shape and far from being able to run the grueling 26.2 mile race. However, in November of 2019 I was offered Trikafta, which would change my lungs and life for the better. This drug not only saved my lungs from the continued downward path they were on, but it also gave me the energy and power to run and build back the strength that I had lost over many months of illness.

Around the same time I was given Trikafta, my doctor asked if I would be interested in joining the first ever team of CF patients to run the Boston Marathon... perfect timing, right!

Of course I said yes! For the first time since college, my running had been feeling great. I was really going to do it this time! I was healthy, strong and ready to take on my dream challenge. That was until the news of Covid-19 came into the main stream media.

My marathon was once again shot down but this time it was by an external source that no one saw coming.

After a year of training and numerous setbacks, I am officially back to where I was this time last year but this TIME I will be crossing that FINISH LINE!

Be on the look out for updates on how I did by checking back here or going to my Instagram @katies_race_to_breathe!

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