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Let's FIGHT chronic illness by running one short stride at a time. 

Welcome to Your Empowered Run – Where Chronic Illness Meets Running Aspirations

At the heart of every stride lies a story of perseverance. You're not just running; you're rewriting the narrative of chronic illness with each lap, each mile, each breath. And your story matters.


No person living with an illness is the same and that holds even for running programs. 

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"After a chat, Katie set up a training plan that was realistic. I had check-ins regularly and I could ask for any advice anytime. Within weeks I felt so much stronger physically and mentally." 

-Katie, Non-CF Bronchiectasis and primary ciliary dyskinesia

Why Hire Me As Your Coach?

Our Mission: To Turn Your Running Ambitions into Achievements

We understand the intersection of chronic illness and the want for personal achievement in running isn't always the easiest. Our mission is to craft a training experience tailored just for you, recognizing that your path may need some extra love and care as we also navigate your chronic illness. 

Personalized Training Logs -
Pacing You to Success

Your goals are personal. Your training should be too. With a monthly personalized running log, we map out a plan tuned to your current fitness level and ambitions. Our approach gently introduces the rigors of running, so you can gradually become accustomed to the increases of training. 

"People with disabilities were brought here for a purpose, to show the rest of us what we can overcome. Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it" - Dave McGillivray

Beyond Just Training - A Coach Who Understands

You're not alone. My name is Katie and I'm not just your coach; I'm your fellow spoonie on this road of ups and downs. Having a chronic illness myself, I stand with you, celebrating every victory and supporting you through every challenge.


Graves Disease/ Hyperthyroidism

As any person trying to succeed as a runner, even with a disease or disability, or just someone who wants to be fast, you will be hard-pressed to find a better person to have in your corner than Katie O'Grady.

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Katie was able to design a running program that worked with my schedule and allowed me to reach the personal goals I had set. She also kept me accountable and on track with my schedule so I was guaranteed to succeed!

Your Support System - Motivation, Accountability, and Connection

With ongoing email access for advice and guidance, and regular monthly video check-ins (optional, but great for communication), we keep you on track and your spirits high.​

Start Your Personalized Running Journey Today

Are you ready to lace up for a training experience designed with your chronic illness in mind? With goal setting, motivation, mindset coaching, and an adaptable training plan, success becomes part of your runner's high.

Start Training Now

Every victory starts with the decision to try. Conquer the impossible—one run at a time.

"It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you don't stop"- Confucius

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