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Now is the time to put one foot in front of the other and get your freedom back by creating a healthier life by running


Chronic illnesses are here to put the fear and frustrations of uncertainty into our lives, but why should we let it? All of us were born destined to fight, so let’s fight a little harder and overcome what we thought was impossible due to living with a disease.


  • Being able to spend countless minutes with friends and family and not just during visiting hours at the hospital. 

  • The feeling of the wind on your face as you run anywhere and everywhere without a second thought

  • Having control over your life, being able to plan for the future, and not constantly worrying about what tomorrow will bring.

When you decide to run or exercise, you see a future of possibilities, a healthier body, pain-free, no wires and tubes, and better days with deeper breaths, but up until now running is hard and frustrating, you don’t know how to transition to the next level or even where to begin. 

Although, you don’t have to feel this way!

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"Running has never been my strong suit.  As a hockey player, I am used to quick sprints and exercises that use different muscles than running. Not only was I a relatively inexperienced runner, but I also have a blood disorder called Thalassemia that causes muscle weakness. Katie was able to design a running program that worked with my schedule and allowed me to reach the personal goals I had set."

Meg, Thalassemia

Your doctors and the people who love you most just want to see you succeed, so they say go exercise but where do you begin?
You may feel motivated to go out for a run but realize it's hard, you begin to compare yourself to a time when exercising was easy or you compare yourself to others.  

At the moment, it probably feels easier to stop or wait until you feel healthier. Although, time is not on your side.

What if you need to get healthier now, to get ahead before your illness takes full control of your decisions?

You may have decided to go to the internet to find your answers. This is where you will find a premade running plan, you hope this will give you the motivation and direction to help with your running but…
Couple Running
  • You quickly realize they are too difficult to follow 

  • They don’t align with your goals

  • The running plans aren’t tailored to any specific person

  • Nor do they understand what it’s like living with YOUR chronic illness. 

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"After a hospital stay with an exacerbation, hitting rock bottom with my health I was determined to get back into running for my health. That’s when I found Kate! I highly recommend going to Kate if you’re a runner with a chronic health condition, she will guide you and always have your back!"

Katie, Non-CF Bronchiectasis and primary ciliary dyskinesia

Believe me, as someone who has been a runner for 10 plus years and living with Cystic Fibrosis, I have scoured the internet trying to find someone or something that understood what I was going through. Someone who would give me some direction to take when I was blinded and discouraged in my running and health. 
  • Without having to follow cookie-cutter running plans

  • Without having to feel frustrated when running isn’t going the way you expected

  • Without having to figure out where to restart when you get sick

  • Without a coach not knowing what you are going through while living with chronic pain


"The biggest thing I felt was that no one really understood what I was going through and Katie was the only person who truly understood how I felt. Beyond her valuable opinion and experience, she treated me with compassion that other coaches did not have."

Joe,  Graves Disease, Hyperthyroidism 

But, did you know there is a way to get healthier through running while continuing to stay motivated towards your goals?


mission breathe again

Mission Breathe Again is here to help chronic illness warriors like you, take on running based on your fitness level while also keeping you highly motivated to keep running even when life gets tough.   
** Unlike other coaching programs, Mission Breathe Again is here to give you guidance when you lose motivation or when you get sick so that you can continue to see results.

By applying Mission Breathe Again into your life you will:


  • Be able to accomplish your personal goals in running and even life.

  • Be able to run faster, farther, and STAY injury-free.

  • Learn tips and tricks on how to continue being a runner even when I'm not around.

  • Feel better more often than not; physically and mentally.

  • Be proud of what you can accomplish even with a disease.

Pricing for my coaching packages will be discussed after you set up a call with me, that way we can determine the best package to fit your needs and investment into your running. 

  • A monthly personalized running log based on your fitness and goals

  • Goal setting to help keep your eyes on the prize

  • Motivation and Mindset coaching to keep you running even on the days you feel like quitting 

  • 24-7 talk or text with bi-weekly video chats and weekly check-ins

  • Strength and conditioning workouts to keep you strong and injury-free

  • A coach who has a chronic, life-threatening disease and understands the roadblocks that can pop up throughout your training. 

  • and adjusted training if you were to get sick or experience any other life event 

With me as your coach and my Mission Breathe Again program, you will get,

If you are ready to gain control of your life and goals, click the button below to start your free assessment to get in contact with me!

Get some insight into what some of my clients have loved about Mission Breathe Again.

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